Welcome to 7oaks Grill

7oaks grill is no ordinary Kebab, we are a family run business that has been serving the community for 26 years we are still going two generations on. We still to this day take the time to select only the finest quality meats & poultry from Londons Smithfields Market, where all meat & poultry is farmed only in Britain.

Our veg is delivered to us from the famous London Borough Market, renound for its populariuty with chefs such as Gorden Ramsey. We pride ourself on only sending out the best cooked foods and fresh salads, if we would not eat it we will not serve it, with this in mind we achieved three stars in our food hygeine certificate with the ambition to acheive 5 stars.


Now a little on how we came about and a little history on the path of our founder Veysel Koca our father. Working as a head chef in Istanbuls Karaca Restaurant famous for its seafood and Turkish Cuisine not to mention its wonderful scenery of the Bosphorus. Arrived to England in the Early 70's where he opened his first shop infact was one of the first generations within the community to actually introduce The kebab to London.

Still to this day the restaurants and kebab shops founded by our father from scratch are still there with the foundation and customer base which our father secured. Areas streching from Camberwell, Peckham, Chatham, Bexleyheath and the last stop being Sevenoaks. Which is now run by the same family and the same methods used to cook the same marinades and with the same passion!